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Top-Quality Synthetic Grass

Looking for a low-maintenance, pet-friendly, and water-efficient lawn solution for your Sunshine Coast home? 

At Australis Grass, we offer a wide range of premium synthetic grass productsto suit any budget or style. Our grass is stocked locally in Baringa, so you can order and pick up same day. And, with our no-sand-fill installation process, you can get your new lawn looking its best in no time.

Our synthetic grass is also incredibly pet-friendly. It’s durable enough to withstand even the most active pets, and it’s easy to clean up any accidents. Plus, our grass is treated with a special UV coating that protects it from fading, so it will stay lookinggreat for years to come.

We offer a 7-year warranty on all of our synthetic grass products, so you can be sure that your investment is protected.

Contact us today to learn more about our top-quality synthetic grass products and services. We’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect solution for your needs and budget.

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All Products are Reach and RoHS tested and compliant


Discover our high-quality 35mm high-density Synthetic Turf on the Sunshine Coast, featuring a fine fibre “c” shape and a double-backed design that eliminates the need for sand fill.

Our Zoysia Synthetic Turf, available in 2 or 4-metre widths, boasts a four-color 35mm high yarn for an incredibly realistic appearance.

All our artificial turfs are UV treated to withstand Australian conditions, making them perfect for your outdoor space. They are not only pet-friendly but also come equipped with pre- punched drainage holes for convenience.

With its fine “c” shape yarn, this turf delivers a lifelike look and a soft, comfortable underfoot feel. Elevate your outdoor space with Artificial Turf Sunshine Coast, where quality and realism meet for a perfect landscape solution.

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Kikuyu Cool Grass

Introducing our Kikuyu Cool Grass Synthetic Turf, a cutting-edge double-backed solution that eliminates the need for sand filling in most installations.

Available in both 2 and 4-metre widths, this premium synthetic turf boasts a wide-blade yarn design, ensuring an incredibly lifelike appearance.

Our grass is specially UV-treated for the unique conditions of the Sunshine Coast, making it both pet-friendly and equipped with pre-punched drainage holes for added convenience.
What sets our Cool Grass apart is its innovative “S” shape blade, which scatters sunlight in multiple directions, resulting in a remarkable 20% faster cooling rate compared to standard synthetic turf.

Kikuyu Synthetic Turf not only delivers outstanding durability but also retains its impeccable appearance over time, making it a top choice for your outdoor landscape.

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Austral II - K9 Pet Friendly+

 Extra pet friendly with more drainage holes per square metre than regular turf and a double bacteria resistant PU backing, Austral II was developed with our most popular Zoysia 35mm in mind. Austral II give you the look and softness of a product like Zoysia whilst having a shorter pile height making it easier to maintain with pets. UV stabalized with a 4 colour undergrowth Austral II is a welcome addition to our range.

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Putting Grass

Introducing our latest innovation at Australis Grass – the “Sure Putt 12” Professional Putting Green.

This specially designed putting grass is a perfect match for golf clubs, parks, recreational areas, and avid golf enthusiasts looking to create their private golf haven right in their backyard.

What sets this green apart is its unique design, eliminating the need for sand while delivering an exceptional roll rate. Whether you’re honing your putting skills or perfecting those long-range chips, “Sure Putt 12” offers the ideal surface for practice. Its versatility and low-maintenance nature make it a prime choice for anyone seeking to enhance their golf experience.Synthetic Grass Sunshine Coast 4

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Blue Couch

Meet Blue Couch 20mm – a resilient and cost-effective turf option that stands at 20mm in height, offering a sleek, low-cut appearance.

With its 4-color blend, this hardy grass is the perfect choice when you desire durability on a budget. Whether you’re seeking a hard-wearing lawn or the aesthetic of a finely trimmed turf, Blue Couch 20mm has you covered.

Choose this versatile option to transform your outdoor space with a look that suits your preferences and your pocket.

   High Tuft Strength
Easy Clean
Easy Clean

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Lush 25

Lush 25 is a beautiful dense 25mm product inspired by our conditions here in Australis. Lush is fully UV stabalized and requires no sand fill

. Four colour undergrowth gives Lush 25 that realistic look and feel we are all after these days from a high quality turf.

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Synthetic Turf U Pins

Syunthetic Grass Pins

Heavy Duty Grass Pins.
High-quality U pins are now available. In stock at our Baringa warehouse. Bag of 50 pins

Australis Green wall

Australis Green wall comes in 1 metre x 1 Metre easy to install panels to give a quick and lush look to any garden wall indoor or out.

Now Stocking TRUEECO Organic Enzyme Cleaner

The Dog and Cat Surface Cleaner is a pet owner’s new best friend when it comes to cleaning up after their furry little friends. Available in 2.5 ltr or 500ml bottles.
With the use of Powerful enzymes designed to breakdown the source of odours this eco cleaning solution is safe for pets, humans and all surfaces.  Use it around the home, car and backyards. Purrfect for real and artificial grass. Great with cleaning all accidents including urine, feces, vomit, drool and any other nasties. 
Why pet owners love The Dog and Cat Surface Cleaner?
  • Made in Australia
  • Highly Effective 
  • Organic 
  • pH Neutral
  • Fresh Fragrance
  • Cost Effective
  • Safe
  • Works on real and artificial grass